What's the Perfect Electric Bike for your Mom?

The modern mom should be considered a parenting super-hero

She's got a lot to do every day and there's never a break in the action. The daily tasks of getting kids fed, lunches packed and sending everyone out the door on the way to school are thankless jobs and that’s just the first couple hours of the day!

How great would it be to have an outlet to get errands done during the day instead of piling into the car or minivan, searching for parking and ultimately feeling trapped by the confines of modern life? It doesn't have to be that way though as there are plenty of alternatives to the American automotive routine.

What do you think mom would think about a new electric bike? It could open doors to a whole new sense of liberation and provide an escape from the usual hassles of everyday running around. Those quick trips to the store, post office, elementary school principals office, or wherever could take on an entirely different complexion. Instead of being a chore, leaving the car in the garage and zipping along on an ebike to complete the day’s checklist can make the day fun, exciting and offer up some much needed exercise.