Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes

FREE SHIPPING & ASSEMBLY: Take advantage of free shipping and free professional assembly at your favorite local bike shop where you receive all the love and attention it, and you, deserve!

IZIP electric bikes amplify your ride so you can travel further and faster. Explore miles of dirt roads and trails, skip the car or subway and supercharge your commute, or spend your weekend cruising in comfort, there’s an IZIP Electric Bike for you.

Choose a category to explore electric bikes built for Pavement, the Trail, and with Utility in mind. IZIP ebikes feature the most advanced technology in the category, with superior components, quality construction, and designed for a comfortable, exhilarating ride.

Electric Bikes


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E3 Vida

E3 Vida Step Thru

Price $2,399.00
List Price $2,499.00


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E3 Dash

E3 Dash Step Thru

Price $2,299.00
List Price $2,874.00