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Instagram Challenge Hashtag : #MarchEBikeChallenge

Instagram Challenge Copy and Rules (For use in your online feeds) :

How many ways can you eBike instead of drive this month?

How will it change the way you see and experience the world? How much more tactile and interesting would your days be?

  • Can you commute to work a few times a week via eBike?
  • Can you choose to eBike to the grocery store for the month of March instead of driving there?
  • Can you eBike out to a show all this month instead of driving your car?
  • How about all-eBike dates in March?
  • How about e-mtn biking with your family every weekend in March?


  1. If you already have a eBike, pick one challenge above (or all) and do it for the whole month of March! You can also come up with your own creative ways to eBike instead of drive.
  2. Tag @izipusa #MarchEBikeChallenge on Instagram to share your photos and a short caption of how you are eBiking instead of driving this March.
  3. Follow IZIP's Instagram Account.
  4. We’ll pick a winner for the Best Challenge Photo at the end of the month to be gifted our special IZIP Swag Box.
  5. Celebrate the difference you’re making with your eBike!

Important Challenge Rules & Guidelines:

  • Please see this page for official Challenge Rules.
  • You don't have to own an IZIP eBIke to participate and win a Swag Box. We want this month to be all about choosing to eBike instead of drive. So as long as you own an eBike and participate you're eligible to win!
  • To current IZIP eBike owners : If you participate with your IZIP eBike and win, because we appreciate you so much, we'll be throwing in a special little extra in the box as our way of saying thank you!

P/S: If you don’t yet own an eBike, we have a fantastic sale all month on our eBikes across categories to indulge your cycle madness. Check it out here.